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Townsville Gem and Mineral Club

Our History

On the 1st September 1965, 93 people gathered at the Pimlico High School in response to press and radio invitations to form a Gem Club in Townsville. This first meeting was chaired by Cyril Beale and a steering committee was elected. This committee stayed in office until October 1965 when the first official committee was formed.

Our first ‘workrooms’ were in the Eagers Showroom at the Townsville Showgrounds, the space being donated by Eagers with the only cost to the fledging club being for electricity. Initial equipment was purchased with money obtained through ‘interest free’ loans provided by members. The next workrooms were set up in an old house at 59 Walker Street in the city. This was a temporary arrangement whilst fundraising started in earnest for a more permanent home for the club.

Late in 1970, a furniture warehouse (our current premises) became available and was purchased by the club. Documents were duly signed in January 1971. Then came the ‘battle’ with the then city council to allow the building to be used as workrooms. The club ‘won’ and equipment was transferred from Walker Street to 96 Mooney Street on August the 14th 1971. Within 18 months all loans for the purchase were repaid and the clubhouse fully owned by the club thanks to those founding members and hardworking committees and members in those early years. This work ethic of committees and members continues within the club to this day.

(First published in ‘Gemmag’ in 1988. Thanks to Barb Lennig, one of our first ‘Historians’)

The Townsville Gem and Mineral Club Incorporated is a member of The Queensland Lapidary and Allied Craft Clubs Association Incorporated (QLACCA)

Some Memorable moments (there are many more)…

  • Christmas Eve 1971, Cyclone Althea struck Townsville and the club lost part of the roof and front door. Damage was quite extensive though repaired promptly by Mr. G. Lean.
  • Our first newssheet ‘Gemmag’ was produced in December 1966 by Mmes. Hilda Arrowsmith, Joan Lean and Gloria Burns. Gloria, one of our founding members along with her sister and mother, still attends the club.
  • Junior sessions started in 1966
  • Averaging over the years around 150 members, today we have well over 200 financial members of the club and along with our annual GemShow we are well regarded amongst the public and by other clubs.
Today as you can see within the pages of this site, the club has been quite successful and is continuing to provide and improve benefits to members so enjoy your visit here and hope to see you at the club or even a GemShow in the future.

Opening Times

  • Monday, Tuesday: 7:30pm to 10:00pm
    Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:00am to 12:00pm
    Other times for scheduled activities and workshops as arranged. To keep up to date with additional workshop times follow us on Facebook